Turn Up Lyrics

Fold that doll like Vick, my bed rock like pick
Pop in my sock, can’t hold my Glock, we don’t really like that shit
Young turnt nigga, can’t wife no bitch
Excuse my French don’t like no bitch
Limo all tinted, all my curtain , yea I had to hurt
My bitch bought a bag I ain’t mad at her, yea that’s us
Two-tone AP yea I bust
Got da’ head from her I ain’t even wanna fuck, why ?
Slut , bye !
Nun’ on me from the section, everything revive
Pussy nigga told on road shit to God
No he ain’t kill him dog, he ain’t even try
Still my shit from the hood
Take who chain ?
Na bitch not good
Prob’ in some fast, shoot a Glock in the hood
take a smell of wock and a wood
First turn nigga from the hood they cursed
my jewelry

I get the numbers, with numbers
I got yo B ima put on Amiri’s
First young nigga AT
14 mill, shawty 14 grams
Dope boy, geekers and diamonds and
That boy he is not one of them

I kept taking L’s , finally got me a M
Still making double, im tall where I stand
Ass fat, titties too thought I’m 18
Gotta be come 20 if you riding in the Benz
Young turnt niggas from the D to the A
You rocking with the lames, im rocking with the brave
Yea yea yea, we paid (x2)

I’ma turn it up a lil’ more this time
Used to dream about gettin’ it, I got it on drive
I had a spot like a varsity, what did ya have by 20?
I fuck with
I put on drip , I believe I could I fly niggas
Know that im rich, but I still got the strap
I had a show in Detroit, and I start to revert
All of these hoes and these stores make a mission and plus
Get in your car and just put on your flashes, and follow the hearse because you said you gon’ ride
‘Cause somebody gon’ die if they fuck with us
Turn a 5 to a , thats a double up
Fuck around like a church in my double cup, this shit to heaven im praying I give it up
Tiger stay with a wood make him give it up
Know I ran thru a mill’ every week ,oppa weak
Bro can get me some street ,got it back in the pick-up I won’t even leave
A nigga fuck around and Dt

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