Pop It Lyrics

Southside on the…

Try to duck it now but I’m too rich to act like I was real
Gucci store, thirty-five hunnid on the leather coat
Free the bro, yeah, I prolly say that shit in every song
The corner store, had me down, I ain’t have nowhere else to go
We kickin’ door, burnin’, had no clothes, his mom’s was at the door
We switchin’ up, gotta have my pistol, we start stickin’ up
Just give it up, he got a black pistol, he be quick to bust
My life is rough, we wasn’t goin’ to school, we was tryna run it up
Walk to the block, pretty much, I can get it, can’t say that shit enough
Stolen truck, we got on the chase, we ain’t got away
That’s how they make it, you gon’ cop the case, that shit there was crazy
My boy survived, he got in another Wraith, somebody died

Hidin’ in the streets since I was nine, for real
Think this money got me traumatized, I don’t got no time to chill
I done went full bitch, won’t give my mom a will
I can’t lie, I popped a lot of pills to get me in my mode
But I can’t take no mo
All this pain, don’t know how to feel
I was tired of you, go ‘head and take it, go ‘head and take it
I don’t know how to steal
Fuck the opps, we gotta kill
Slide back on the same drill
And the stick came out from under
Wunna drive the wheel

Cuban link around my neck, I keep it on me, nigga (Yeah)
Tennis chain, I prolly shoot my chances with it, with it (Yeah)
I get your shit BeyoncĂ© way before I heard about Jiggy (‘Bout Jiggy)
Where I’m from, he got a [?] on, you know I keep a pistol
You know you guys trappin’
We know you cappin’
Lil’ sheet savage, fuckin’ up…
Pop It Lyrics

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